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How to get thick and beautiful hair at home without going to doctor.
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Hair growth and protection

Generally, a human being has between 100,000 to 200,000 hair on his/her head. It takes more or less three years for hair on our scalp to grow fully. Normally, in one month we have 1 cm growth of hair. Hair are divided in three parts i.e. the scale, cortex and medulla.

Why do hair fall?

Hair fall may be related to following problems:

1. Thyroid disorder

2. Low hemoglobin (anemia) and other blood disorders

3. Hormonal disorders (menstrual cycle irregularity)

4. Imbalanced and improper diet.

5. Skin diseases - Dandruff in hair

6, Haircut styles, a bad haircut style may lead to hair fall

How to nourish one's hair:

1. For having thick and beautiful hair a good number proteins in diet are needed.

2. Having balanced diet and necessary vitamins and minerals in one's diet is extremely important. This causes hair to stay healthy. Don't eat very oily and overcooked food because such foods lack vitamins.

In order to stop one's hair turning grey we need to have carrot, beetroot, curry leaves and green vegetables in our diet everyday.

1. Out of spinach, cottage cheese, milk, almond and tomato have any two in your daily diet.

2. Out of cabbage and soybeans have any one in your daily diet.

3. Out of pearl millet and chick peas have any one daily.

4. Have minimum of 10 to 12 glasses of water daily.

Misconceptions about hair fall:

1. Putting a lot of oil on hair makes growth of new hair possible in fact putting excess oil on hair blocks hair follicles leading to hair fall.

2. Shampoo causes hair fall, which is not true at all.  Unless you have some fungal disorder or dry skin leading to hair fall you're not supposed to use shampoo by your own desires and a specialist advice is always recommended.

How to take care of your hair:

1. Comb your hair well so that the oil spreads throughout the scalp leading to nourishment of your scalp thereby making hair strong.  Don't use combs and towels of others.

2. Use cool water to wash your hair, don't wash your hair with hot water/hot oil.

3. Don't use the chemical-rich shampoo from the market to wash your hair if you have chronic skin problems and don't try shampoos by your own desires, it's always advisable to take proper advice before using the shampoo from the market . Use as less gel as possible.

4. Washing hair with natural lemon, Sapindus mukorossi (Indian name Ritha), Shikakai powder (botanical name Acacia Concinna) is good anytime or just use herbal shampoo which doesn't contain any chemicals (Lumina).

5. Don't use hairdryer or electric iron rods to wash the hair, just dry it with your towel.

6. Avoid alcohol, red wine, meat, and smoking. Don't tie your hair wet. Don't comb your hair wet.

7. Try and avoid using hair color/hair dye which we get from the market rather use pure henna (natural hair dye).  Nowadays a lot of fake products have come claiming to be pure henna which contains lots of chemical-rich substances, try and avoid these as much as possible.

Well, at long last the growth of hair depends on one's healthy lifestyle and how fit the person is.

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